Hi there!

I am a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, focusing in Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design at the University of Naples Federico II.

What I Do

I exploit the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to develop methods for preliminary aircraft design, and collaborate with industry in design of experiments or optimization of airplane aerodynamics, performance, stability and control, high lift, flight loads. I perform numerical analyses from the conceptual phase to mesh generation, batch running, and automated post-processing. I support the development of model aircraft, both in design and manufacturing phase. I also perform wind tunnel tests to validate the numerical approach.


Who I Am

I graduated in 2012 in Aerospace Engineering and got the PhD in 2016. Besides the academic duties, I have interests in aeromodelling, photography, swimming, reading, listening music, playing videogames, and a bit of astronomy.


Research in progess

Here you can find my works. You may click on a picture to zoom in and see what is it about.

Contact me

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